Some Unknown Things About Mark Hurd – The Co-CEO Of Oracle

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"There are many decisions which cannot be taken without proper research and analyzing and Mark Hurd CEO of Oracle proved this really well. This famous personality started his career with NCR Corporation as Chief executive officer and president for the tenure period of two years. He also worked a lot for the welfare of this corporation and never expected anything in return.

Then, later he worked in Hewett Packard where he was given the position of Chairman, President and Chief executive Officer. After years of service he had to resign from the job because of the police case. His name was highlighted in the sexual harassment case which was filed by the well known TV show actress. After much tantrum and drama, it was concluded that the policy of the company was not violated but the business standards were violated.

After this the most awaited twist came in his life and it was that he joined Oracle. This proved to be life changing for Hurd as soon he was promoted as the Co-CEO and to his surprise his name was listed in the board members association. In fact, he is also a member of Baylor University Regents Board.

Innovative and oriented Mark

His all decisions were quite different because they were innovative, customer supported and had quality of leadership. In fact, in one the seminars he said that it is their job as a company to provide an effective technology and to help their customers in saving their money. His decisions did not only help in saving customers money but they also helped in improving the efficiency of the operations. He also made many changes in the management style because of which effective results were seen in marketing and sales. Along with all these decision he also he also took many steps for strengthening the production line so as to drive more growth.